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 Toler Tools is proud to introduce the UNION™, a pocket tool family of unprecedented range and ability. With patent pending features such as exclusive self-adjusting, ratcheting OMNILOCK™ wrench technology and a modular, reconfigurable architecture to take full advantage, it is the only tool in existence that can lend itself a helping hand. We think it is a new class of tool.

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The Omnilock™


The OMNILOCK™ wrench is ratcheting, self-adjusting, ¼”-¾”, standard and metric, and grips tight. UNION™ architecture allows the tool to unfold to full wrench length or be separated easily at the hinge, leaving you with tools in each hand. Both the plier and wrench halves provide multiple driver options, delivering a set from your pocket that can handle complex driving scenarios. Lock the hinge to provide an ergonomic pistol style grip for the locking saws and the file/awl. More modules and accessories are planned for the future, so you can tailor your carry to your day.


Union In-store Sneak Peek

Prototype Test - Mower Fix

Prototype Test - Woods/Bushcraft

Prototype Test - Removing a rusty bolt with the OMNILOCK wrench

Carry more capability

Strong and versatile with configurations for all situations

Our Story

Toler Tools was born out of necessity from a true story.

“My wife was running her food truck, The Coop, while I was finishing my degree in mechanical engineering. I had to go and fix things for her regularly, so I began to carry more tools on me, trying to make quick fixes and get back to studying. One day, under the counter working on a leak, frustrated with the nut and bolt prowess of the multi-tool I always carried, the idea for the Omnilock began to take shape in my head. I decided to try and design my dream multi-tool, one that could take advantage of the new wrench design to the fullest. I’m very happy with the results, and I’ve not carried another tool since the first Union prototypes were built.”
-Michael Newman, Owner Toler Tools

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